There are many small handyman projects that a homeowner can do around the house. One of them is unclogging a drain. However, a stubborn drain should be left to a professional handyman. They will have the tools and the knowledge to repair the clog quickly and with less mess.

Nevertheless, the average homeowner can handle simple clogs. Here is how.

Everyone has heard of Draino and Liquid Plumber. Both of these products should do fine on simple clogs. Follow the directions on the package and you should do fine. Always remember to wear gloves and eye protection.

More difficult drains can be unclogged using a hand held auger. These work on the same principal as the large commercial augers that plumbers use. Simply feed the cable down the drain while turning the handle slowly. This action is usually enough to unclog the drain.

The most important thing to remember  is to wear eye protection, gloves, and old clothes. Another good idea is to cover the immediate area with a drop cloth or some old sheets.

Handyman Services of MD hopes these tips on how to unclog your drain are helpful.