Nowadays homeowners are looking for ways to cut their energy usage. One of the easiest ways for them to do this is to seal air leaks around windows and doors. Sealing leaky windows and doors can result in an energy savings of up to 30%.

Believe it or not it is simple to find air leaks. Below is one way to find them.

Take a stick of incense and light it. Wait until it is smoking. Then, move the stick of incense around the window. Follow the smoke. If any smoke leaks through cracks mark them with a pencil. Use a caulk gun to seal the cracks.

Use the same procedure above to find leaks around doors. Most of the time, faulty weather stripping is the culprit. Simply remove the weather stripping and replace it with the same or similar kind. Sometimes the air leaks from around the moldings. Simply caulk them using a caulk gun.

From all of us at Handyman Services of MD we hope these tips on how to seal air leaks around windows and doors are helpful.