One of the best inventions of modern man is the garbage disposal. It is a marvelous device that helps to reduce the amount of waste going in the garbage can. However, at times it can become rather smelly. For this reason we at Handyman Services of MD want to provide you with a couple of useful tips on how to keep your garbage disposal smelling fresh.

One of the biggest culprits involved in a smelly drain is grease. It goes down the drain fine when it is hot. However, when it cools it begins to stick to the sides of the disposal. The grease then hardens and retains a rancid smell. That is why using a good dish detergent with plenty of hot water is helpful. It softens the grease, washing it away and removing the odor.

Another tip is to pour some baking soda in the disposal. About a half a cup should work. Then, add about a half a cup of white vinegar. The mixture will begin to bubble, which will eat away at the debris located inside. Finally, after a few minutes rinse the disposal with plenty of hot water.

We at Handyman Services of MD hope these tips on how to keep your garbage disposal smelling fresh are helpful!