One of the simplest home projects is changing the Air conditioning filter. It is also the most important. A clean filter helps keep the equipment clean, but also helps to keep the air quality in the home good. As more people become aware of indoor air pollution they are turning to high efficiency filters with a good MERV rating. Below are some tips on how to change your AC filter.

1) Turn the system off. Open the metal grate by pulling the levers down. Then, remove the filter. Take note of which way the arrow on the side of the filter is pointing. You want the arrow on the new filter to point in the same direction when it is inserted.
2) Thoroughly clean the grate and the frame using a quality antibacterial cleaner.
3) Install the new filter.
4) Close and lock the grate by pushing the levers in.

On some older models there may be screws instead of levers. Simply replace the screws to hold the outside grate in place. Finally, consider using a quality filter with a high MERV rating.

We at Handyman Services of MD hope these tips on how to how to change your ac filter are helpful!